Cooking Books

Books about Rice Paper Rolls and their recipes by well-known authors around the world, Tracey Lister, Bui Thi Suong, Luke Nguyen.

Book- The Food Of Vietnam by Luke Nguyen
The Food Of Vietnam is one of the popular books by Luke Nguyen. This Australian chef and author holds the record of a number of books about Vietnamese food.

Book- Authentic Vietnamese Wraps and Rolls By Bui Thi Suong
Authentic Vietnamese Wraps and Rolls is one of the best books about Vietnamese cuisine rice paper rolls. It’s written by the well-known culinary lecturer Bui Thi Suong.

Book- Vietnamese Street Food by Tracey Lister
Vietnamese Street Food book is one of the most popular books about Vietnamese cuisine, written by the well-known chef and author Tracey Lister.