Welcome you to Rice Paper Rolls, one of the best food in the world!

Rice Paper Roll (Goi Cuon - Gỏi Cuốn) has been in the top of the World's 50 best foods by CNN Travel (2011 - 2017).

I proudly present this Vietnamese healthy and yummy food through this Rice Paper Rolls website.

The site is all about Rice Paper Roll and its sister, Vietnamese Spring Roll. It provides as much information as possible for you to make and enjoy rice paper rolls and spring rolls: recipes, books, tools, guides and tips. 

Our Story:

One day, I was asked to volunteer at my son’s childcare in Australia to help prepare food from our cultural background. The childcare wanted to make children interested in learning about different cultures and food. I made rice paper rolls. And I found that the whole school- kids, parents, and carers loved how I made rice paper rolls in a fun way. Children had fun with their friends, happily made food with their little hands, and enjoyed tasting them. Witnessing this was truly one of the happiest time in my life.

My dad in Vietnam passed away as a result of diabetes. He also suffered from cancer. The experience in his last days … stayed deeply in my mind – even today. Sometimes, I wake up in the early morning affected by the whole experience.

Rice paper roll is very yummy food, and it could help everyone enjoy healthy eating.

The emotion from happiness, the emotion from sadness, and the love from rice paper roll have formed the passion in me to build this website and the Rolling Fun service

I believe that I offer good food for you: healthy-easy-yummy fresh food and a joyful eating manner.

Warm regards, Hung Tran.