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Rice Paper Rolls Prawn Recipe - Goi Cuon Tom

A colleague in my previous company asked me about the most popular rice paper roll recipe. I replied within a second: it's definitely a prawn roll. Later the logo reflects the ingredients in this well-known crunchy and delighted roll.


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Rice Paper Roll tool kits: Rice Paper Water Bowl, Rice Paper Tray

Julienne peeler for carrot.


The rice paper rolls prawn recipe presented in this website leans toward DIY recipe. It means that people on the table will select their own flavours and make rolls themselves. All ingredients are in plate(s) to share. The best roll will have the balance of flavours, tastes, and colours.


Main ingredient: Prawn: 200g. (If you do not have time, purchase Cooked & Peeled Prawn 200g Plate from Coles).
Vegetables: 1 cucumber, 1 iceberg lettuce, 3 carrots, 1/2 pineappple. All are julienned into thin strips.
Herb: 1 cup fresh mint leaves (or a mint punnet).
Sauce: hoisin sauce or fish sauce.
Dry food: rice paper wrapper 250g pack (25 pieces), rice noodle vermicelli 01 pack (250g).


Prawn rice paper rolls are the most popular seafood rice paper rolls. This recipe introduces a simple version of the prawn salad rolls recipes.

Recipe Category:  rice paper rolls seafood recipes.

Vegetables and fruit are cut into thin strips.
Sauce: make fish sauce or hoisin sauce.
Cook prawn, then peel and remove head and tail. If you purchase Cooked & Peeled Prawn 200g Plate from Coles (or a food store), then just remove tails.
Cook vermicelli with boiling water. Drain well then cut into shorter lengths.
Food tray(s):
Ingredients are put onto trays so that they could be easily shared or picked up to roll.
If you make prawn rice paper rolls for a party, you can use 1 to 4 Rice Paper Trays to roll at the same time.
If you make and eat rolls at the same time, use only one Rice Paper Tray.
Follow 3 simple steps:
(1)- make the rice paper soft and wet by dipping into water socket in the water bowl and rotate one round. Then put it on the tray.
(2) - Select the food ingredients and put onto the softened rice paper on the tray.
(3) - Fold over from the bottom and sides, and firmly roll-up.