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Popiah- Bo Bia- rice paper rolls with peanut butter hoisin sauce

Mini Popiah rice paper rolls (Bo Bia) are very popular in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh city. It is the most popular street food version of the rice paper rolls, loved by school-age students after school hour.


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This authentic Popiah rice paper rolls recipe (Bo Bia) was sponsored by Tam’s family from Melbourne. Tam’s family, with Chinese and Vietnamese background, often makes this Popiah rolls as a weekend afternoon snack for the whole family and nearby friends. According to Tam, there are two tips here in this recipe: the smaller dried prawn the better rolls; and little rice cooking wine for the thin fried egg.


Popiah rice paper rolls have no vermicelli. Popiah is a version of the rice paper rolls from the Chinese community. That is why the Lap Cheong and dried prawn are the main flavours in this rice paper roll.

100g dried baby fresh-water prawn

2 Lap Cheong (Chinese sweet sausage).

1 tablespoon rice cooking wine

4 Eggs

1 bunch of perilla, get the leaves.

1 bunch of mint, get the leaves.

4 carrots, removed skin, julienne.

2 jicamas, removed skin, julienne.

For dipping sauce hoisin sauce:

1 Hoisin sauce bottle

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

2 red chilli (or chilli paste): thin sliced.

10g peanut. Roasted and then crushed.


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Making dipping sauce:

see peanut butter hoisin sauce.


Dried baby fresh-water prawn: washed, rinsed and stir-fried with garlic and oil.

Lap Cheong (Chinese sweet sausage): boiled in about 5 minutes, cut into thin slices.

Eggs: mix with one tablespoon rice cooking wine.

This is the secret from Tam's family. The rice cooking wine helps make the egg in the very thin shape when it is shallow fried with cooking oil. Cut the fried egg into thin strips.

Carrot and jicama: stir-fry with cooking oil, added some salt, then leave it to a strainer.


Follow 3 steps of Rice Paper Roll Rolling with notes:

-Place slices of Lap Cheong onto the wet rice paper first so that they appear deliciously.

-Place the julienned eggs, then prawn.

-Then place all other veggies.

-Roll firmly.