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Corona-Ex Mini Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with Hoisin sauce recipe

Corona Ex Prawn Mini Rice Paper Roll snack recipe, a recipe of 2020, is ideal for a Friday snack or a weekend relax time. It's a Zero-cooking recipe. You just buy fresh ingredients from the supermarket, cutting them and enjoy yummy rolls.


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Tool & Utensils

R16 Mobile-pack rice paper roll maker set

Knife, or peeler, or julienne peeler to cut vegetables into small and thin pieces.


This recipe has a special flavour, the beer flavour. The beer flavour is added into the rice paper by dipping rice paper into beer to make it wet and soft before rolling.

You can find other prawn rice paper roll recipes on this website with different dipping sauce.



Prawn: 200g ready-to-eat prawn from the supermarket. (For example, prawn tray 200g from Coles).

Vegetables: 01 iceberg lettuce, 02 carrots, 01 cucumber: julienne or cut into pieces; slices of lemon, fresh chilli.

Herbs: mint leaves (1 punnet)

Sauce: hoisin sauce mixes with chilli sauce, add finely chopped fresh chilli. See the simplest Hoisin sauce recipe.

Corona beer: 01 bottle.


This recipe introduces the mini prawn rice paper rolls as an afternoon snack with a special beer flavour. The Corona Extra beer is used in this recipe, but you can replace it with your favourite beer brand.

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-Cut or julienne vegetables into small and thin pieces. Please see this video link as an example of cutting carrots.

-For sauce, jus mix hoisin sauce with chilli sauce, and add finely chopped fresh chilli.

Cooking: This recipe requires ZERO cooking.


To make this mini prawn rice paper roll, just follow simple three steps.

1- Pour the beer into the rice paper water bowl.

2- Dip the small rice paper into the beer in the mini rice paper water bowl, rotate one round, then put it onto the mini rice paper tray.

3- Place food onto it, then fold and roll firmly.

Please see the video Corona Ex Mini Prawn Rice Paper Roll recipe snack in the videos page for full steps on how to make the mini rolls.