Rice Paper Rolls Seafood Recipes by Rolling Fun

Author: Hung Tran, Last Update on : 30 May 2021
seafood rice paper rolls recipes

You often see prawn rice paper rolls in restaurants or take-away fresh-roll shops. You also see lots of smoked salmon rolls around. How about other seafood rolls? Have you known rice paper rolls seafood recipes with fish, squid, or even with lobster?

Prawn rice paper rolls

Prawn is in the position of the king when people refer to main protein ingredients for the salad rolls. It occupies almost 90% of photos about the rice paper rolls in social media. It is in the most popular authentic recipe of rice paper rolls. If a shop sells rice paper rolls, it surely will have the prawn rolls in the menu. That is why the prawn is in our Rolling Fun logo in the rice paper rolls website and the Rolling Fun website.

There are hundreds of prawn rice paper rolls recipes on the Internet. Click on this link to see a prawn rice paper rolls recipe from us. The prawn is also used in cocktail size or mini size of the rolls, as an entry finger food in many events. See this mini prawn rice paper rolls if you plan finger entry food for a standing event in future.

Click this video to see the Corona Ex mini prawn rice paper rolls by Rolling Fun.

Smoked Salmon salad rolls

The second popular one of the rice paper rolls seafood recipes is the smoked salmon salad rolls. Thanks to its red-pink colour and its deliciousness, it becomes the attractive rolls on the shelves. If you eat it once, I bet that you will buy it or make it for the second time.

Click on this link to see an example for smoked salmon rice paper rolls recipe recipes by Rolling Fun. 

Since prawn and smoked salmon are ready-to-eat and easily available to buy from supermarkets, they become a good combination for the rice paper roll seafood banquet for a family meal. It happens when a family make the rice paper rolls as the main meal at home.

Fish rice paper rolls

Fish is also a good choice for the main protein for the rice paper rolls. You will wrap yourself the rolls with cooked fish in a Vietnamese restaurant or at a Vietnamese family meal. The popular methods to cook fish for rice paper rolls are steaming, grilling and deep frying. The most significant factor in this dish is the freshness of the fish. Fish are almost still alive before cooking. Therefore, there is almost no seasoning. Fish are quickly cleaned with water, then they are steamed, grilled or deep-fried. The cooked fish is then served with vegetables, fruits, herbs and dipping sauce. This way of eating is very popular among families in Mekong Delta river’s areas.

Squid rice paper rolls

Squid is a special one in the rice paper rolls. You might only eat squid rice paper rolls at a Vietnamese family. It is in the seafood hot pot meal, combining with rice paper rolls. It is the DIY rolling banquet which the Vietnamese families take time to enjoy together. You will dip and cook the squid pieces in the hot pot, then place them on the soft rice paper with veggie, herbs, and roll it. Rice paper rolls seafood banquet becomes unique in each family due to the combination of many types of seafood, local herbs and vegetables, and authentic dipping sauces. The good smell, the flavours, and the stories in each gathering make the home full of laugh and love.

Mini Popiah Rice Paper Rolls Snack

The Popiah rolls are not the perfect example of the fresh rolls with all fresh ingredients. Since the Popiah rice paper rolls are very popular, especially it's the most well-known street food in Ho Chi Minh city, we'd like to include it here in the seafood category. The Popiah roll (Bò Bía - Bo Bia) has a significant dried seafood ingredient, the dried small prawn. The dried prawn could be dried baby fresh-water prawn or dried small salt-water prawn. The tip here in this recipe is that the smaller dried prawn makes the better rolls. This link shows an authentic mini Popiah rice paper rolls from a Chinese-Vietnamese friend's family.

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